The Other Family.

All the moment , all the joy we had , all the sadness , all the tears. I miss it a lot. Being one of yours is the most precious thing I ever get. Thanks for making me one of your family. One of your sister. One of your daughter. One of your member. One of your foster. I do appreciate it. Might be someday , I'll be a thousand miles away. You're still bright than Times Square. I swear it's true. Don't ever worry about the distance. I'm right there if you get lonely. Close your eyes. I'm by your side forever. I'd walk to you if I had no other way. Much of our friends make fun of us. But , we know that none of us ever felt this way. Two more years and I'll be done with college. I'll be making history like I do. You know its all because of you. ((:

- I know you're stalking me -
DIA ; kenapa semua orang nak tinggalkan aku?
AKU ; Kedah best dohh.
* dalam hatii ; aku kalau boleh taknak tinggalkan kau. tapii , kalau aku dah dapat peluang tu. aku taknak waste it. kau faham aku macam mana kann? aku takkan lupa kau. family kau. jgn risau. imaginasi Uncle terlalu jauh dgn diri aku. aku takkan buat macam tu. aku ingat segala pengorbanan kau. jasa kau. Aunty , Uncle , family kau. betapa diorang terbuka hati terima aku. sumpah! aku takkan lupa kau. jauh mana kau pergii , jauh mana aku larii , aku perasan. kau dan aku telah di tulis utk stay together. ((: